The sandman came to visit
He left my eyes all sore
Next time he should leave a note,
Or I shall lock my door!


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It’s Been A While


I have managed to poke my head out from above the pile of assignment papers to apologise to you all for my lack of blogging!

It has been a tough few weeks planning the beginning of term, the above album ‘My Head Is An Animal’ has kept me sane.

I promise the near future will be so jam packed with reviews/poetry/blog overloads that you will be wishing you hadn’t tapped that follow button!
In the meantime give the above a good listen, some quirky lyrics and catchy songs that require a great deal of dad dancing.

S x

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‘The beast of the world is snoozing, in those magical hours between closing time and the dawn chorus.

This is when the slate is wiped clean.

When the mistakes and errors of yesterday are forgotten and the playing field is re set, ready to begin the game anew tomorrow.’ N.S

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Who Needs Diamonds When You Can Have Nick?

As I have just finished reading ‘Why Men Love Bitches’ and am attempting to busy myself with my review, I have had little time to sink my eyes into another juicy read – and searching for the next piece of ‘page porn’ was not on my agenda until my first draft was complete.

This was until today.

Today I am more wired than a five year old, a five year old pro plus’d up the the eyeballs on a bouncy castle.

Today whilst scanning the ‘interweb’ for some background information on one of my favourite authors, Nick Spalding, I happened to stumble across the press release for his new book ‘Love…Under Different Skies’. The publish date being the 5th December 2013 (may I point out this book is currently available on eReader but I will be waiting to add it to my paperback collection)

For those of you who are not familiar with Spalding’s work, this will be the third in a series of memoirs following the hilarious lives of Jamie and Laura, two unlucky in love (to say the least) individuals who, on the hunt for love, come across each other – and some highly amusing situations!

Not often do I come across a book that will make me laugh aloud on public transport, much to the amusement of my fellow passengers. These books however, made me laugh aloud not only on public transport but wherever I chose to open them, resulting in some rather judgmental glances from strangers and my boyfriend.

So here I am, practically bouncing up and down on my bed in anticipation of its release, if you haven’t already read ‘Love…From Both Sides’ and ‘Love…And Sleepless Nights’ I would strongly recommend that you do!

Who ever said that diamonds were a girls best friend ? They obviously didn’t read…

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As The Sun Sets Over London Baby


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July 1, 2013 · 5:46 pm


This heavy feeling in my heart
Loving memories you tore apart
Sinking in my guilt filled mind
Your troubled life that ruined mine

The little girl that I once was
Wanting nothing more than love
Love that never came with ease
I’m scarred for life but you don’t see

Afraid to be myself again
After seeing you broken by those men
Ones you always put before me
Like you I’m determined not to be

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There’s a million words balancing on my tongue
They’re all for you
The only one

I wish I could tell you just how much you mean
Everything I don’t say
Words you’ll never see

No need to worry
Where I go or what I do
Be assured though Mr – it’s all for you


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